The Story

I have my mom to thank for this obsession with nails (I say that in the best way possible). Watching old home videos, I see that my nails were painted for my first birthday. Unless I developed some future-nail-artist genius skills when I was a baby, I'd place my bets on my mom having painted them for me. And thus it began! 

Growing up, as a young teen, I'd sit in the basement painting my nails, practicing different designs, so as not to spread the fumes of the nail polish and remover in the shared family quarters upstairs. NOTE: Painting nails outdoors was (and is) rarely an occurrence, either due to the cold Canadian weather, or the fact that the chemicals in nail polish do not react well with heat (the polish becomes too dense to work with). My dad would occasionally come down to get something, and along the way comment "If only you'd focus this much on your studies, you'd be a genius." Well, joke's on you, dad! Nail art has become far more useful to my personal and professional development than any knowledge of solving algorithms or correctly pointing out where the endoplasmic reticulum in a cell is located (thanks, International Baccalaureate). 


Through my development of nail art, I have explored so many different things, including what artistry really is - a canvas is not only an unbleached cloth with paint on it, but anything you make it out to be (including a fingernail). I have improved my skills of patience and creativity. Taking the nail painting into social gatherings, like a Nail Party, has given me the opportunity to really sit down with individuals and talk to them. Sitting for 30-45 minutes on average with someone and painting their nails is not only fun for me AND them, but also really opens up that time for larger conversations. It's funny how much you learn about someone based on their nail painting preferences!

One of the most beautiful parts of a human body, hands come in all shapes and sizes. Their markings contain our history, as they create it.