The Press-On Pivot

How did I recover from job loss, and finally realize my full creative potential?

If you’re in the world of entrepreneurialism, whether new or seasoned, “pivot” has become a buzzword. We’ve all had to find new ways of being, in career, business, family, partnerships, friendships, and how we choose to spend all our new-found free time. 

From a personal standpoint, I found myself without a job (due to a lay off), and so I set myself up before my last days at the old workplace, by joining a local co-working community - virtually! At the beginning, I wasn’t sure what I would focus on. I tried doing something with an organization I founded, but it just wasn’t the right time for it. While I really enjoyed the time I now had, and the new community of inspiring women I had to keep me accountable, I felt like I needed to find something that would both make me money and provide something for my community. That’s where, after about a month, I decided to pivot (there’s that word!!!) and re-focus on my nail business once again. 

Nails have always been something I just did on the side; I most enjoyed collaborating with local businesses by participating in pop-up shops and special events. It allowed me to flex my creativity while working jobs that felt relatively mundane - data management and business affairs isn’t exactly exciting! I have a (very) long and somewhat complicated relationship with nail art. While I’ve been practicing it for over 15 years, I didn’t start it as a viable business until about 5 years ago. Once I officially got my nail tech license, I tried working at a nail bar, but that didn’t last very long - the environment wasn’t something I was used to with my background of working in the offices of film and television companies, and I ultimately wanted to set my own parameters around my business. I lost my nail mojo for a bit, so I gave it a break for a few months. Since the blessing-in-disguise-layoff, I was able to get back in touch with my love of doing nails - my WHY! 

Press-on nails allowed me to create from the comfort of my own home, while also providing a beautiful product. I wanted to offer something to those that didn’t feel comfortable going to a nail salon, whether because of personal comfort, or being immunocompromised. And with the monthly Designs for Charity, I am able to give back directly to organizations and causes I support (and allow others to feel good about wearing these press-ons). 

While there is so much business development going on behind-the-scenes, including the constant duality of whether to continue on this path of full-time entrepreneurialism or to go back to working for someone else (pros and cons lists have been made!), I am so happy to be able to share my art with others. Not to mention creating customized, wearable artwork that others are so excited over! It wasn’t until this pivot that I’ve started calling myself an “artist” and “businesswoman,” and truly believing it this time!