Painting on the smallest, natural canvases

Hi! My name is Milica (it "rhymes with pizza"). I am a Toronto-based certified nail artist, with over 15 years practicing my craft. I believe in enhancing what you already have, so I mainly work with natural nails, without added harsh overlays, to achieve beautiful, hand-painted designs!

With the global pandemic, I have pivoted my business to offer custom press-on nails, as well as virtual nail art workshops. Knowing that many people are unable to go to nail salons, I wanted to create a safe way to still keep your nails fun, while also learning how to DIY, just as I've done in my own practice...not to mention saving money!!

As one of the most beautiful parts of the human body, hands come in all shapes and sizes. Nails are the windows to your personality. So why not make them reflect that! 

- Milica