How long do press-on nails last?

We have provided options for both short-term and long-term wear in each nail kit. With the glue tabs, your press-ons will typically last 1-2 days. Nail glue is meant for longer-wear, so it will last 7-10 days on average. If removed correctly, the press-ons can be reused over and over again. It is recommended to avoid submerging your hands in warm, soapy water for extended periods while you are wearing the press-ons, since this will dissolve some of the glue. And remember to treat your nails like jewels, not tools! 

How do I make an order for custom sizing?

A lot of people have different nail sizes on either hand. If this is you, then the custom sizing option is for you! Follow the instructions below to measure your nail sizes. After adding the desired press-ons to your Cart, simply enter your measurements (in mm or cm) to the "Special Instructions" field of your Cart. 

How do I measure my nails?

If you missed the infographic on nail measuring at the product page, not to worry! We've included it here for your convenience:

*Note: If using the Tape Method, make sure to measure BETWEEN the two lines, DO NOT include the lines themselves. 

What are the different nail measurements?

As you may have seen in the product page, we offer different sizing for your press-ons. Whether you'd like to get one of our pre-measured sets, or request custom sizing (this is a good idea if the nails on each hand differ - i.e. wider pinky on your left vs right hand), these are the general measurements for the press-ons:

0 - 18mm

1 - 16mm

2 - 15mm

3 - 14mm

4 - 13mm

5 - 12mm

6 - 11mm

7 - 10mm

8 - 9mm

9 - 8mm

What kind of nail lengths and shapes do you offer?

Due to the nature of press-on nails, they are not "one size fits all." Press-on nails are generally modelled on those with long nail beds, so the exact length and style may not fit everybody - i.e. if you have short nail beds, the long stiletto style will likely be even longer on your nails and the curvature of the shape will not hit exactly to a natural shape for your nail. This is why we have 7 options for you. There is no extra charge. Simply indicate in the Special Instructions field of your Cart which of the 7 available styles you'd like in the chosen design. 

Here is an illustration of the fit and length of the regular nail styles, on a slightly shorter nail bed-length.

And as stand-alone press-ons:

What does my press-on package include?

Your press-on nail package has all of the tools needed for you to apply your new nails! Other than the nails, we have also included a handy instruction card on how to apply them, as well as an alcohol wipe, glue tabs, an orange stick, a nail file, and a nail buffer. Due to shipping restrictions, only Canadian ground-shipping orders include bonus nail glue (for long-wear). 

How do I apply my press-ons?

As mentioned above, we've included an application instruction card with your package. Note that the press-ons will last longer if applied using nail glue (versus glue tabs - these are recommended for single-day use). We've also made this quick time-lapse video to show you how it's done!

How do I remove my press-ons?

Whether you used glue tabs or nail glue, the method for removal is the same. If you follow the instructions in our video, you should be able to keep your press-on nails for repeat use, while keeping your nails healthy and with little to no damage. Here's another time-lapse instructional video showing you how to do this:

Can I get a custom design?

YES! We love making these and helping you show off your nails in the exact style you want! For custom orders, please contact us at rhymeswithpizzanails@gmail.com, since prices will vary depending on the requested design (starting price is $50 for simple art, and it goes up from there). Please also include any reference images you may have, colour and nail style preferences, and your nail sizes.

What if I want to order nails as a gift for someone?

Not to fret, we have the perfect solution for this! In order to take the guesswork out of nail sizing, we offer gift cards

There are several gift card amount options, so you can cover either part or all of the costs for someone! Note that shipping charges do not apply, due to the mailing destination. They will be calculated once the recipient redeems their gift card and inputs their mailing address. 

If your recipient wants a custom design made, they can follow the same instructions as noted in the question above. Reach out to us, and we'll answer all your questions.